Story of Börje

After VVV-cruise 2014 Börje hasn’t had enough of cruising so he decides to take another cruise on a ship called M/S T1 Tanic. On this cruise Börje meets a boy called Jack. Unfortunately Börje can’t remember much from the cruise because he’s got a full load of Vergi with him from the last VVV-cruise.


Unlike Titanic, this boat doesn’t sink because of an iceberg but rather because of a Jallu-drunk Börje who sails the ship into too shallow waters on the Atlantic Ocean. Jack dies in this unfortunate tragedy but Börje saves himself onto a small piece of plank before dying a horrible death of hypothermia drowning. On this plank Börje sails around the world engaging with the most interesting people.


Börje still remembers his duties as the host of VVV2015-cruise and is desperately trying to get back to Turku harbour before this epic odyssey begins.


Come with us to VVV-cruise 2015 and find out, if Börje can get safely out from his adventures back to Turku. The secret of Börje and his journey will be revealed only on this cruise that takes place at 9 Apr and 10 Apr. Sign up now to find out what has Börje been doing during the past year.